Work smarter with technology, not harder

We started "Hey Mayor" from conversations with town managers of 1,000 residents. There's a lot on your plate and we want to help.

No developers or techology skills required

With a few clicks and a filled out excel spreadsheet, you can have an automated assistant up and running. While the service runs itself, our dashboard makes it incredibly easy to update and adjust your bot.

Set it and forget it

Our bot operates on its own and lets you know when it needs help. Keep your processes, keep your tools, and keep the way you work. Hey Mayor can handle itself.

White-labeling by default

We want your organization or government to shine which is why white-labeling the bot and personality is a default, not an add-on. We want your constituents to be wow’d and you to get the credit.

Available for towns and cities of all sizes.

Whether you’re a town of 500 or a city of 8,000,000, we made this for you! We’d love to work for you!